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    Greenheck's Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) technology can improve your indoor air quality while reducing HVAC loads, saving on energy costs. One of the many benefits of applying an ERV system in your residential construction is the transfer of heat and moisture between outgoing and incoming airstreams. This results in reduced energy to heat and cool the fresh air being brought into your home.


    The ASSURE ERV is the perfect compact balanced ventilation solution for single or multi-family installations with limited mechanical space. The low-profile design (9.75” height) simplifies installations in bulkheads and drop ceilings.


    The SYNC ERVs feature EC motors with adaptive, variable speed technology and are competitively priced. The SYNC180 and SYNC270 are also cold-weather certified and provide exclusive precision balancing capability when paired with the new PrecisionSYNC controller. Both models also feature best-in-class core efficiency (SRE) ratings.

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