Provide localized air direction and circulation where required.
    Direct drive air circulator fans designed for air movement where there is a need for spot cooling or recirculating air.
    Direct drive oscillating circulator fans designed for sweeping air movement.
    Moves high volumes of directed airflow at low velocity. Available in direct- or belt-driven models.
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    When using a large space for multiple jobs, sometimes it’s best to provide localized air circulation to certain areas. This helps even out heat across an entire facility and can provide relief to workers in hotter areas without disturbing those who require less noise or turbulence. For applications such as this, there’s rarely a better option than a Greenheck Air Circulator. Air Circulators and Man Coolers, also called Barrel Fans, are axially powered fans which fan operate in both fixed and portable conditions.

    Greenheck offers three Circulator models for purchase. The IC line (models IC and ICO) are available with or without oscillating capabilities. Our MAC Man cooler is a barrel style fan with multiple mounting options available. Our customers have often used our Circulator products with great success in factory, warehouse, and agricultural applications. Overall, they are one of the most popular air movement solutions with wall, ceiling, floor and indoor/outdoor mounting accessories available. In you experience any challenges during your circulator purchase process, we want to ensure you have all of the information required and invite you to check out our leading resource library, warranty information and support channels before you buy.

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