From fan performance and static pressure calculators to cross reference wizards and typical installations, Greenheck has you covered with the resources you need to get the job done right. Browse our resources to find answers to all your ventilation questions.


    View our library of catalogs, installation operations manuals (IOMs) and submittals.

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    Calculate Air Exchange (CFM)

    Use the calculator to determine the Air Exchange (CFM) required to adequately ventilate an area.

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    Calculate Static Pressure (SP)

    Use the calculator to determine the amount of static pressure your fan must overcome.

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    Typical Installations

    A collection of drawings that represent typical ventilation installations based on a specific application.

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    Product Cross Reference

    Search products by manufacturer. Select a competitor brand manufacturer and model series to help you cross reference to the right Greenheck product.

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    Answers to your most frequently asked questions about selecting, ordering, and managing your orders.

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