Damper products for life safety systems and for airflow control in commercial HVAC systems.
    Products tested and classified in accordance with UL555C.
    Access doors provide an easy means of reaching damper components inside the ductwork.
    Backdraft dampers allow airflow in one direction and prevent reverse airflow. These function as exhaust or intake dampers.
    Remote balancing dampers are ideal for applications where access is difficult for manually adjusting airflow balance.
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    There are a multitude of reasons that your HVAC system could require dampers. The role of high-quality dampers is crucial for ventilation and using them effectively can be an excellent way to reduce heating and electricity bills in your facility. Proper application of dampers is a requirement for any well-made HVAC or Duct system, and your warehouse, office, or commercial kitchen construction project will not be complete without them.

    Greenheck damper products are built for any application, from air movement, to controlling the spread of fire, smoke or radiation during emergency situations. Thankfully, Greenheck has built a library of resources to help ensure your purchase is always for the correct product and size. Using the Greenheck online store you can add dampers and doors to any size of order. If you require custom fabrication, we can do that for you as well and invite you to contact us. Utilizing our nationwide manufacturing and fulfillment network we can easily get any order shipped direct to your jobsite.

    Greenheck first started building dampers around 1987, after decades of expertise and leadership in the HVAC industry. Our engineers were tasked with building an exemplary product to compliment the purchase of our other products. Constructed from top grade aluminum and galvanized steel, simple as they seem, Greenheck dampers are state of the art. Dampers can be purchased and installed in applications such as preventing reverse airflow and remote airflow balancing. Our catalog also includes backdraft dampers, as well as dampers optimized for life safety systems. Have you been searching for dampers to compliment your complex HVAC project? Look no further than our online store where you can order direct. Have more questions? Contact our support team or take advantage of our online resource library. There you’ll find additional information about our warranty and policies.

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