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    Gravity Ventilators

    Gravity intake and relief ventilators for use in non-powered applications.
    Aluminum ventilators, with curb cap, designed to be used as an intake or relief unit on natural gravity or negative pressure systems. The GRS requires a roof curb for installation.
    Aluminum ventilators, with flashing flange, designed to be used as an intake or relief unit on natural gravity or negative pressure systems.

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    Gravity Ventilators, or Passive Ventilation works on the concept of providing adequate air circulation for a space, while using no mechanical parts. They do not use fans, belts, or any kind of motor to drive air. Instead they work on pressure differential between the inside and outside of your construction project. Sometimes referred to as “windcatchers,” gravity ventilation is a great way to move air around a large space, without the use of electricity and without creating excess noise. Using the negative pressure created by the temperature difference of the warm air inside and the cold air outside, a gravity ventilator is an inexpensive solution to regulate temperatures in warehouses, commercial kitchens, and even large office spaces.

    Greenheck has been building the highest quality Gravity Ventilators since they were first designed in 1956. We have refined our construction materials and practices for over 70 years, meaning when you buy your Gravity Ventilators for your latest commercial building project, you can rest assured that your products have been painstakingly engineered to exacting detail with the finest spun aluminum. Choose between the GRS and GRSF models depending on the design of your roof.

    Buying Gravity Ventilators can compliment your HVLS or Inline Fan equipped facility, and by strategically placing them around your site, you can actively create airflow at a fraction of the traditional cost. By choosing a Greenheck fan your HVAC solution will also be backed by the best warranty, support, and online resource library in the world.

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