Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Fresh air preconditioned using energy recovery.
    The MiniCore uses a total energy core, direct drive fans, and Vari-Green® electronically commutated motors. Designed for indoor installations, the MiniCore may be mounted in any orientation. The unit features configurable intake and discharge connections. Performance ranges from 150 to 1,000 cfm and up to 1 in. wg.
    The compact design of the MiniVent provides an economical solution for individual spaces, such as school classrooms and small offices. Configurable intake positions allow for floor mounted or ceiling-hung installations. Each unit comes standard with backdraft dampers and optional Vari-Green® electronically commutated motors. Performance ranges from 150 to 850 cfm and up to 1 in. wg.
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    In most conditions, properly used ERV units can help maintain an indoor relative humidity level of 40% to 50%. When you purchase your Energy Recovery system from Greenheck, you’re buying products that represent our highest quality standards. We feature ERV products at the most competitive price in the industry. The Greenheck warranty and shipping guarantees ensure that your ERV project will remain on schedule and meet your budget exactly.

    The Greenheck Minicore and Minivent ERV products boast some of the best performance in the industry, so you can buy our products with confidence. Plus, with the Greenheck online store, purchasing everything you need for your project is now easier than ever. Have a question? Feel free to contact our expertly trained support team. Not sure about which Energy Recovery Ventilator to buy? Take advantage of the Greenheck encyclopedia of resources, available via our online store for free.

    Since 1996 Greenheck has been building both the Minicore and Minivent Energy Recovery Ventilators. The primary difference between both being the required energy to operate the wheel of the Minivent versus the total energy core of the Minicore model. Both provide excellent comfort ventilation and regulation boosts to a traditional HVAC system, and can reduce the operational loads on your traditional AHU while also replacing an exhaust fan. If you’re unsure as to which ERV unit suits your project, we invite you to take advantage of our live support team, and online resources. In addition, the Greenheck CAPS system can be used to ensure you buy the correct product for your needs.

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