Overhead Fan, with Northern Light, Product # DC-5-7-NL-13LV-QD

    Overhead Fan, with Northern Light, Product # DC-5-7-NL-13LV-QD

    • Plug-and-Play
    • Galvanized Steel Safety Cable
    • Electrical Safety Systems
    • Impact & Over Speed Detection
    • 10-year Warranty
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    • Plug-and-Play
    • Galvanized Steel Safety Cable
    • Electrical Safety Systems
    • Impact & Over Speed Detection
    • 10-year Warranty

    Greenheck overhead fans with Northern Light® technology combine engineered air movement with the air cleaning benefit of upper-room UV-C lighting making it the right selection for inactivating airborne pathogens. UV-C has been used for decades and the addition of air movement has been shown to increase UV-C’s effectiveness in inactivating airborne pathogens in building environments.

    Our in-stock Overhead Fan products offer numerous advantages:

    • Bluetooth tablet controller and steel truss mounting kit included with the fan
    • Unique direct drive motor, requiring less maintenance
    • Factory provided plug and play wiring, allowing for faster install times
    • Light weight design, allowing half the install time from comparable HVLS fans on the market
    • Built in safety features
    • Easy installation guide
    • Strategic UV-C light position
    • Blue indicator lights projected onto ceiling ensure UV-C lights are on and working
    • UV-C irradiation dampers

    How Northern Light Technology Works

    Non-ozone generating UV-C bulbs are installed inside the overhead fan blades and positioned toward the tips of the blades where the majority of air movement occurs for the most effective inactivation of pathogens. As the fan operates, contaminated air from the lower portion of the room is circulated to the ceiling where it is exposed to powerful UV-C light as it moves across the fan’s blades.

    Greenheck's overhead fan with Northern Light uplight design directs UV-C light away from occupants, minimizing UV radiation exposure so that fans can be safely utilized in occupied spaces. Fans are also installed a minimum of 10 feet above the floor to further prevent direct line of sight to UV-C lights.

    The system also features interchangeable UV-C irradiation dampers that physically reduce the size of the opening in the fan blade for UV-C light to shine through. This reduces the UV-C radiation intensity by as much as 95%, allowing end users to customize UV output for effective yet safe pathogen inactivation in their space.

    California Residents-

    Prop 65 Warning
    Hub Height
    2 in
    Drop Length
    24 in
    Fan Diameter
    7 ft
    79 lbs
    Humidity Control
    Thermal Destratification
    Comfort Cooling
    Recirculate Air
    Drive Type
    Direct Drive
    Impeller Type
    Impeller Material
    Speed Controllable
    Motor Phase
    Shipping Type
    Warranty Length
    10 Years
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