Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions about Greenheck gravity ventilators.

Q:What information is needed to select a special coating?
A:There are eight questions you need answered to accurately select a special coating for a fan.
1. What specific chemicals are involved?
2. What are the concentration levels of these chemicals?
3. What will the airstream temperature be?
4. What is relative humidity of airstream?
5. What amount of time will the fan see this environment? (continuous or intermittent)
6. What part of the country will the fan be located? (seaboard, snow country or desert)
7. What are the specifications or requirements for this coating?
8. What part of the fan is to be coated? (interior, exterior or entire)
Q:What is the maximum roof pitch that a ventilator can be mounted to without correcting the curb for the pitch?
A:The recommended maximum roof pitch is 2:12 or 10 degrees from horizontal. Steeper pitches will increase the possibility of moisture infiltration into the building as a result of water splashing off the roof and entering the ventilator. For roof pitches greater than 2:12, it is recommended to have a pitched curb, which will allow the ventilator to sit level and not at an angle.