Greenheck provides integrated ventilation systems for all types of buildings.

All buildings have the same ventilation needs. Whether a school, healthcare facility, warehouse, restaurant, or office, people expect:

  • Comfort and fresh air
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety
  • Quiet operation
  • Reliability
  • Easy maintenance

Greenheck is focused on building value in air. We do this by offering the widest range of reliable air movement, control and conditioning products that are designed to work together as complete, integrated ventilation systems. We will help you design the system that fits your building project, in performance and cost.


With environments ranging from classrooms to auditorium, gym, pool and labs, school air control is no simple subject. But, Greenheck has it down to a science! Design your project with confidence. We'll help you with an integrated system that is quiet, cost-effective, and energy-efficient.

Healthcare Facilities

When you design and equip for the specialized ventilation needs of a healthcare facility, there's no room for error or halfway measures. Sustainable projects call for certified energy efficiency. This ensures the health and uninterrupted comfort of occupants, and the responsible handling of exhaust air. 


It's safe to say that a warehouse is not your usual building – large doors and loading bays that are often open in any weather; gas-powered vehicles operating inside; very high ceilings; few walls; and the need for clean, comfortable office spaces. Moving, clarifying and treating air requires a well-integrated, multifaceted ventilation system.


Restaurants and commercial kitchens have more in common than food preparation. Both need a comfortable environment offering the effective and efficient control of interior air. A complete ventilation solution offering everything from a diner’s well-being to safety in the kitchen is the recipe for indoor comfort.


Office workers notice their ventilation equipment when there's a change of climate from one room to the next. Noise disruptions in meetings, feeling stuffy and or uncomfortable can hamper productivity. Greenheck's complete line of ventilation products delivers value with energy efficiency, quiet operation, and comfort.