Delivering the total package.

A warehouse is not your typical building - large doors and loading bays that are often open in any weather; gas-powered vehicles operating inside; very high ceilings; few walls; and the need for clean, comfortable spaces. Moving, clarifying, and treating air requires a well integrated, multifaceted ventilation system.

Greenheck offers a complete line of ventilation products for warehouses that keep operating and installation costs low while creating a comfortable, safe and productive environment for employees.

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Reduce heating costs with AMPLIFY™ overhead fans.

Overhead fans, commonly known as HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans, are designed to do as the name implies. They move large amounts of air while operating at low speeds to distribute heat throughout your facility in the winter, allowing for lower energy costs. Stephen explains the benefits of these fans in the cold winter months and where they are typically located in warehouses and distribution centers.
Input your basic warehouse project requirements in our step-by- step guided questionnaire. Once you submit this information to our team, we will create a cutsheet of products to best suit your needs, and return that to you with all sorts of other helpful information and data.