Delivering the total package.

Warehouses and distribution centers are different from most buildings. Very high ceilings and few walls set them apart from other structures. Their large doors and loading bays often remain open in any weather. Gas-powered vehicles operate inside. However, these buildings still need clean, comfortable spaces. This need requires a well-integrated, multifaceted ventilation system to move, clarify, and treat the air. 

Greenheck offers a complete line of ventilation products for warehouses. These products keep operating and installation costs low while creating a comfortable, safe and productive environment for employees. 

Our products work together to:

  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Minimize initial equipment cost
  • Reduce installation time and cost
  • Protect inventory and packaging integrity


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Greenheck provides complete ventilation solutions for warehouses and distribution centers.
Greenheck is the single source that delivers all the air movement, conditioning, and control equipment needed for distribution center ventilation systems. We make it easy to specify integrated systems for any application.