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by Erik Koenig |
Of the many HVAC equipment manufacturers in the marketplace today, only one manufacturer makes the claim of being the easiest company to do business with:  Greenheck. In our 75th year, Greenheck has grown to become a global leader in engineering and manufacturing air movement, control, distribution and conditioning equipment. Being easy to do business with is at the heart of our core values. The following are five ways we bring this core value to life every day—and five reasons to work with Greenheck.

Product Breadth

Greenheck is truly a single-source supplier of complete ventilation systems for commercial and institutional buildings including schools, warehouses and data centers, manufacturing the industry’s broadest line of commercial ventilation products from rooftop to entryway. Products include ceiling exhaust fans, roof-mounted fans, inline fans, HVLS fans, make-up air units, dedicated outdoor air systems, energy recovery, dampers, louvers, grilles, registers, diffusers, air terminal units, and specialty equipment such as lab exhaust and kitchen ventilation systems. We ensure our products meet or exceed critical performance requirements and standards issued by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA), the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and other third-party certification organizations. We lead the way in third party certification confirming our products perform as expected so they can be specified and installed with confidence.

Innovative Engineering

As founder Bob Greenheck once said, “Innovate or Perish.” In that spirit, our engineers continuously develop new products and strive to make current products more energy efficient, quieter, and easier to install. The 72,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art research and testing facility aptly named the Robert C. Greenheck Innovation Center is where new designs are explored, placed through comprehensive and demanding evaluation procedures, and rated for specific performance requirements. The facility incorporates sound, airflow measurement and psychrometric labs, product prototyping, and dedicated space to develop new products and fine-tune our manufacturing processes. Greenheck is committed to moving the HVAC industry toward greater sustainability. Our engineers are actively involved with industry associations and technical committees that create industry standards used worldwide by building design professionals. Our contributions have established verified product performance certification ensuring operating efficiency, facility occupant safety, and minimum efficiency standards.

Educational Excellence

We are dedicated to educating mechanical representatives, engineers, contractors and architects about the latest HVAC product information and trends, applications, standards, and codes. At the Bernard A. Greenheck Education Center, in-person hands-on educational training is offered on a wide variety of ventilation subject areas. Greenheck’s HVAC University offers more than 20 courses for HVAC design engineers to earn Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits either online or in person at the Education Center. Even before the pandemic, Greenheck Mobile Learning Centers were on the road delivering educational training to customers’ offices. A wealth of ventilation information can also be found by visiting Greenheck’s Library, a resource for numerous application and industry articles, project profiles, podcasts, and instructional videos covering various ventilation topics and Greenheck products.

Selection Technology

To make product specification easier, we offer our Computer Aided Product Selection (CAPS®) Program that guides users from initial design to detailed submittals. CAPS features complete product descriptions, application information, dimensional drawings, comprehensive product performance, and dynamic Revit® and AutoCAD® drawings. Greenheck’s eCAPS® is an online product selection program that quickly guides users to the best value fans, louvers, outdoor air, make-up air and preconditioners for their projects. The eCAPS® Bridge for Revit® is an add-in that links our eCAPS platform directly to the Autodesk® Revit® program. The eCAPS Bridge gives users access to the capabilities of eCAPS while facilitating seamless loading of Revit® content without leaving the Revit® work environment streamlining users’ workflow. For customers who have our products, we’ve further enhanced our website, www.greenheck.com, to enable customers to research and buy parts for their equipment. Customers can also register their equipment, enabling them to search faster and stay up to date with the latest information on their specific Greenheck equipment.

IAQ Expertise

The importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to ensure safe, breathable air has never been more important. In addition to viral transmission, poor IAQ can cause long and short-term health problems due to increased indoor pollutants, such as dust, allergens, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a ventilation manufacturer for 75 years, Greenheck’s sole focus has always been on improving IAQ in commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Ventilating fresh outdoor air into buildings is vital to creating healthier indoor spaces. Greenheck products incorporated into well-designed and maintained HVAC systems provide the ventilation, filtration, humidity control,  air circulation and distribution required to help improve indoor air quality, decrease the risk of disease transmission, and create healthier indoor spaces.
For more information, visit www.greenheck.com or contact your Greenheck rep.
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Erik Koenig
Erik Koenig
Erik Koenig
Erik Koenig is the Director of Marketing and Digital Commerce at Greenheck. Erik joined Greenheck in April 2021 and is responsible for the advancement of Greenheck’s digital customer experience including eCommerce and automated marketing. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky and pursued graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati.
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