Model HLC-SPA is a structural, modular plenum system designed to be a turnkey laminar diffuser array that maximizes air cleanliness while reducing design, coordination, and installation time. High-grade structural steel tubing creates a frame that attaches to the building structure and supports all the diffuser modules as well as including mounts for both static and movable medical equipment. Structural engineering calculations, on-site installation supervision, and trade coordination are included.

Product Features:

  • Non-aspirating design complies with ASHRAE Standard 170 and FGI Guidelines requirements
  • Standard and customizable diffuser module sizes
  • Integrated structural support for medical light and equipment booms
  • Available UniStrut integration for support of ceiling mounted imaging devices
  • Standard gel-seal filter knife edge and retainers
  • Full-face slide dampers, adjustable from diffuser face simplifies balancing
  • Available with integrated surgical grade LED lighting
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