Model HLC-MPA utilizes configurable, modular, diffuser segments that are assembled on-site to create a single low-profile diffuser array. This allows for engineers to make the most of available ceiling space by eliminating the need to individually duct each diffuser. Available in an array of sizes, the diffuser segments can be linked together in virtually any combination possible to sufficiently cover the surgical site. Optional integrated lighting solutions enhance visibility within the operating and imaging rooms, ensuring optimal conditions for medical procedures.

Product Features:

  • Non-aspirating design complies with ASHRAE Standard 170 and FGI Guidelines requirements
  • Standard and customizable diffuser module sizes
  • Standard gel-seal filter knife edge and retainers
  • Full-face slide dampers, adjustable from diffuser face simplifies balancing
  • Heavy-duty ceiling grid segments for blank-off and access panels
  • Available with integrated surgical grade LED lighting
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