Pre-engineered rooftop unit features a total enthalpy wheel that rotates between two airstreams while transferring both sensible (heat) and latent (moisture) energy. Ideal for applications requiring high percentages of outdoor air, the enthalpy wheel offers up to 80% total effectiveness significantly reducing the heating and cooling capacity requirements for lower operating costs. Heating and cooling options are then provided downstream of the enthalpy wheel to provide additional tempering and dehumidification.

Airflow Range: 500 - 18,000 cfm

Cooling Capacity: 5 - 70 tons

Unit Construction

  • 2-inch double wall cabinet with R13 injected foam
  • Exterior unit coating with 2,500-hour salt spray rating
  • Optional horizontal duct configurations for side return and supply

Enthalpy Wheel Options

Polymer embedded with silica gel desiccant

  • 70-80% Total Effectiveness
  • Removable segments washable with water and mild detergent

Aluminum with molecular sieve

  • 70-80% Total Effectiveness
  • Maintained by vacuuming off surfaces, purging with compressed air, or wiping surfaces

Cooling Options

Packaged Direct Expansion (5-70 tons)

  • Lead Inverter Compressor
  • Low Sound Condenser Fans
  • Lead EC (Electronically Commutated) Motor

Air-Source Heat Pump (5-30 tons)

Chilled Water

Split Direct Expansion (select models)

Heating Options

Indirect Gas (100-1,200 mbh)

  • Up to 16:1 Turndown
  • Natural Gas or LP

Air-Source Heat Pump (5-30 tons)

Hot Water

Choose from a variety of other control options for efficient operation including integration into building management systems. These controls come pre-programmed from the factory and are easily configured in the field.

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