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November, 2021 - Greenheck SQ Mixed Flow Square Inline Fan Recognized in Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2021 Product of the Year Awards

Greenheck’s SQ mixed flow square inline fan received bronze level recognition as a Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) 2021 Product of the Year. The award, voted on by the publication’s readers, was selected as one of the best new products of 2021...

October, 2022 - Greenheck’s eCAPS® Bridge To Revit® Streamlines Product Selection

Greenheck’s eCAPS® Bridge to Revit® plug-in provides access to the most complete catalog of HVAC product content in Greenheck’s eCAPS® online product selection program without leaving the Revit® environment.

October, 2022 - Greenheck Supports Healthy Indoor Air In Schools

Greenheck is in a unique position to support school districts seeking to improve their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in their buildings.

August, 2022 - Overhead Fan with Northern Light® Wins 2022 Commercial Comfort Product of the Year Award

Greenheck’s AMPLIFY™ Overhead Fan with Northern Light® Technology earned the Engineered Systems’ 2022 Commercial Comfort Product of the Year award in the IAQ & Ventilation category.

July, 2022 - Greenheck Celebrates 75 Years

Greenheck, the global leader in engineering and manufacturing air movement, control, conditioning, and distribution equipment, is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

March, 2023 - Greenheck Introduces Directional Destratification Fan

Provides Energy-Efficient Comfort and Air Circulation.

March, 2023 - Greenheck Introduces BAER Belt Drive Sidewall Propeller Fan

Offers expanded performance and improved efficiency.

February, 2023 - Greenheck Adds Model DM-3 To Overhead Fan Line

Small-Diameter Fan Boosts Occupant Comfort and Complements Interior Design.

January, 2023 - Greenheck Offers AER Configurable Condenser Fan

Greenheck’s new AER direct drive configurable condenser fan can help regulate temperature and provide proper ventilation for your equipment.

December, 2022 - Greenheck Expands SQ Mixed Flow Inline Fan Line

Greenheck’s expanded SQ Mixed Flow Inline Fan line now features new smaller sizes, and side discharge and insulation options now available.

August, 2022 - Greenheck Introduces QEID Upblast Fan

Greenheck’s QEID direct drive mixed flow fan is now available in a roof-mounted exhaust or upblast configuration.

June, 2022 - Greenheck MultiSPEC™ Exhaust Fans Deliver Industry-Leading Performance

Greenheck’s new MultiSPEC™ SP-LP ceiling exhaust fans provide high efficiency, powerful performance, and quiet operation in a low profile design.

April, 2022 - Greenheck Expands Mixed Flow Square Inline Fan Line

Greenheck’s SQ mixed flow fan line featuring a unique combination of high efficiency, low sound, and ease of installation in a square housing design now includes a new outdoor option along with additional accessories and sizes.

February, 2022 - Greenheck Introduces High-Performance Ventilation Package For Healthier Indoor Air In Multifamily Buildings

Greenheck, the global leader in air movement and provider of the most comprehensive selection of products for commercial HVAC systems, is expanding its product offering in multifamily construction. Greenheck’s new package of specification-grade...

January, 2022 - Greenheck's QEI Mixed Flow Fan Offers New Construction Options For Corrosive Or Flammable Environments

Greenheck’s QEI mixed flow fans are now available with aluminum and spark resistance Type A material construction options. The expanded construction material offering combined with...

August, 2022 - Greenheck Vektor®-H Lab Exhaust Fan Receives High Wind Certification

Greenheck’s Vektor®-H direct drive laboratory exhaust fan has received Miami Dade NOA and Florida Product Approval for high wind certification.

May, 2023 - New BTDR-50 Bowtie Damper From Greenheck

Allows for easy airflow adjustment at an air outlet or plenum neck.

May, 2022 - Greenheck Adds Two New Industrial Control Damper Models Designed to Control Airflow in Lab Exhaust Systems

Greenheck has expanded its line of industrial control dampers with two new models specifically designed for lab exhaust systems.

April, 2022 - Greenheck Introduces ABD-Z2 Automatic Balancing Damper For Zone Register Terminals

The ABD-Z2 is the latest addition to Greenheck’s line of automatic balancing dampers that provide precise airflow regulation for energy efficient indoor air quality.

September, 2022 - Greenheck Announces Model RVC Rooftop Unit with Enthalpy Core

Greenheck’s new model RVC (Rooftop Ventilator with Energy Recovery Core) is the latest addition to its dedicated outdoor air systems line.

March, 2022 - Greenheck Introduces Residential Energy Recovery Ventilators For Multifamily Buildings

Greenheck’s new high-performance residential energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) provide balanced ventilation that improves energy efficiency and ensures multifamily projects meet code and exceed indoor air quality expectations.
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January, 2023 - Greenheck Introduces Healthcare, Laboratory and Cleanroom Air Distribution Products

Greenheck’s new line of healthcare, laboratory, and cleanroom (HLC) air distribution products are designed, engineered, and tested to meet or exceed today’s critical environment standards for performance and energy efficiency.

November, 2022 - Greenheck Launches Air Distribution Product Line

Greenheck recently added air distribution products to its industry-leading product line making it even easier to specify a complete ventilation system from one supplier.