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Courses currently cover fan fundamentals. Earn professional development hours (PDH) credits for completing Fan Fundamentals 1.1 and 1.2, once you create a Greenheck online account.

Educational videos provide information on coatings, construction materials, accessories, and bearings.

Educational Videos
These videos are helpful in understanding the basics of fan products and are available to watch without logging into or creating an account. There are no PDH credits awarded for these videos. 
Fan Coatings 
The fan coatings video covers reasons to coat, coating methods, a comparison of wet and powder coating, selecting the right coating, and independent testing.
Fan Construction 
The fan construction materials video includes how construction material is determined as well as the various materials used in the HVAC industry.
Fan Accessories 
The fan accessories video discusses electrical controls, guards, dampers, and vibration isolation.
Fan Bearings 
Bearings are critical components in the HVAC industry. The bearing’s role is transferring power from the motor to the fan impeller on belt-driven fans. In this video, we will review important aspects of bearings, specifically relating to air handling applications.

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