High Temperature Exhaust

Mar 23, 2021, 15:11 PM
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Operable Intake Louvers

Greenheck model EAH-690 adjustable louvers are designed and optimized specifically for smoke removal systems. The adjustable blades open to a full 90 degrees - maximizing free area and minimizing pressure drop. This allows for a reduction in fan size and/or motor HP reducing first cost. Combination louver/dampers are also available when a stationary appearance is desired. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • EAH-690: 90-degree adjustable drainable louver
  • EACA-601D: hurricane-rated combination louver/damper
Axial Upblast Exhaust Fans

Roof-mounted axial upblast fans are a cost-effective, high-performance solution for warehouse smoke exhaust systems. The flexible design of these fans allows you to tailor each to meet the needs of any facility. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • RBUMO: belt drive fan used to exhaust high temperature air
  • TAUB: belt or direct drive exhaust fan, options for in or out of the air stream
  • AX: expanded capacity direct drive exhaust fan
Centrifugal Exhaust Fans

Certain geographic locations have special requirements for their ventilation systems. In the hurricane prone region, high wind-ratings are required for smoke exhaust fans. Model GB or CUBE are excellent options to meet these requirements. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • GB: belt drive downblast exhaust fan
  • CUBE: belt drive upblast exhaust fan