Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Blowers

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) centrifugal fans provide reliable and efficient operation in corrosive air movement applications. These fans can operate in a broad range of applications, however the typical use is in ducted systems. FRP fans can also be supplied with options for use in environments where a need for spark resistant construction exists.



Model BCSW-FRP is a single width FRP centrifugal blower that includes a backward-curved wheel and features a controlled laminate construction with a layer of ‘C’ veil as standard. This complies with ASTM D4167 and ASTM C582 specifications. The unit is available in belt or direct drive versions. Additional layers of corrosion resistant cloth and graphite impregnated liner for spark resistance are available options.

  • 100 to 170,000 cfm per fan
  • Up to 16 in. wg
  • AMCA Spark A resistant construction

AMCA licensed for FEI & Air Performance

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