Model EVH-302D is a Miami-Dade Qualified and Florida Product Approved stationary vertical blade wind driven rain extruded aluminum louver designed to protect air intake and exhaust openings in exterior walls. EVH-302D is AMCA 540 Listed for wind-borne debris impact and AMCA 550 Listed for High Velocity Wind Driven Rain and is approved for use in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone.
  • 3-inch depth
  • 51% free area
  • 1,250 fpm free area velocity at the beginning point of water penetration
  • Class A Wind Driven Rain performance


AMCA 500-L Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind Driven Rain

AMCA 540 Test Method for Louvers Impacted by Wind Borne Debris (Basic Protection, Missile D)

AMCA 550 High Velocity Wind Driven Rain

Florida Test Protocol: TAS 201 Large Missile Impact

Florida Test Protocol: TAS 202 Uniform Static Air Pressure

Florida Test Protocol: TAS 203 Cyclic Wind Loading

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