Krueger Wholesale Florist, Inc.
The Challenge

Krueger Wholesale Florist has grown to become one of the largest floral distribution companies in the Midwest. With its corporate headquarters and distribution center located in Rothschild, Wisconsin, Krueger has been providing customers with the finest selection of fresh cut flowers, plants, and a vast array of floral supplies for over 50 years.

In 2019, a new 24,300-squarefoot greenhouse addition was constructed at the facility as the existing greenhouse had experienced a roof collapse due to heavy snowfall the previous winter. The new, more structurally sound greenhouse addition houses thousands of potted plants that have been transported to the Rothschild facility from Florida, California and Washington state. The addition acts as a holding facility for the plants that are then delivered to Krueger’s retail and grocery store customers in nine states throughout the Midwest.

The greenhouse addition includes 80 skylights to help the plants get needed sunlight. However, the sunlight can make the space uncomfortably warm for employees, especially during the summer months. (A typical outdoor greenhouse can reach 110ºF inside.) In addition, the combination of sunlight with the daily watering of plants makes the space very humid. An air conditioning system is installed in the greenhouse addition; however, this system does not provide enough air movement throughout the space to maintain optimum comfort levels for the plants and employees.

Greenheck’s Solution
  • (2) Overhead Fans (Model DC-5)


Two Greenheck model DC-5 overhead fans installed in the greenhouse addition provide much needed air movement for temperature, making the facility comfortable for employees and healthier for plants. The fans operate continuously and the air movement provided by the fans helps keep the addition at a comfortable 72ºF. The plants can last up to two weeks in the greenhouse addition as the overhead fans allow the facility to mimic more of a home environment, so the plants are not as stressed in between shipments. The humidity levels in the space are higher in the morning due to the daily watering of the plants. The fans also provide increased evaporation that helps mitigate the formation of unwanted organic growth such as white mold for healthier plants.
The Results
“The fans were easy to install and they are working perfectly. They provide air movement in every part of the space,” said Robin Klade, Krueger Wholesale Florist facilities maintenance supervisor. “The increased air movement has helped decrease mold, mildew and other disease issues with the plants. The scrap level has decreased dramatically. Inventory control and spoilage are greatly improved.”

The model DC-5 fans have created a healthier, more comfortable, environment for employees as well. “The air movement provided by the Greenheck overhead fans keeps the employees — and the plants — happy,” commented Jacob Fochs, Krueger director of business development.
Krueger Wholesale Florist Warehouse - Overhead HVLS Fan Krueger Wholesale Florist - AMPLIFY DC-5 Fan