Louver Fundamentals and Selection Considerations

Mar 23, 2021, 14:41 PM
Label Text : Louver Fundamentals and Selection Considerations
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LA-102-19 Louver Fundamentals and Selection 4-page
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Warehouse Summer Ventilation 1 2



Operable Intake Louvers

Greenheck’s industry-leading line of louver products offer the optimal intake solution for any warehouse project. High intake volume capacity and low airflow pressure drop minimize initial cost and maximize energy efficiency. Learn more

Suggested models:

  • EAD-635: adjustable drainable blade louver
  • ECD-601: combination louver/damper with drainable blades
  • EACA-601: combination louver/damper with drainable blades
  • EACA-601D: hurricane-rated combination louver/damper
Control Dampers & Stationary Louvers

Stationary louvers can be combined with an insulated damper to prevent condensation, frost, and ice formation while the damper is closed or in the off position in cold temperatures. Greenheck’s insulated, thermally broken model ICD dampers are the ideal for these situations. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • ESD-635: stationary drainable blade louver
  • ICD-44: insulated and thermally broken damper
  • ICD-45: insulated and thermally broken damper
Axial Upblast Exhaust Fans

Roof-mounted axial upblast fans are a cost-effective, high-performance solution for ventilating distribution centers. The flexible design of these fans allows you to tailor each to meet the needs of any facility. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • RBU: belt-driven fan used for general clean air application
  • RBUMO: belt-driven fan used to exhaust high temperature air
  • TAUB: belt or direct drive exhaust fan, options for in or out of the air stream
Sidewall Propeller Fans

Looking to avoid roof-mounted options? Sidewall axial fans are an excellent alternative. Our comprehensive product offering is available with a variety of accessories to meet the needs of any application. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • AER: direct drive sidewall exhaust fan
  • SBE: belt-driven sidewall exhaust fan
Hooded Rooftop Propeller Fan

Hooded axial exhaust fans offer additional protection against the wind and rain. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • RBE: belt-driven hooded exhaust fan
  • RE2: direct drive hooded exhaust fan