Specialty Curbs

Specialty curbs are for use with specific applications such as, roofing types for metal building construction or providing a weather tight seal for piping.



A straight-sided curb for use on buildings constructed with metal roofing material (corrugated or standing seam). This curb can be pitched to match the roof slope.
  • 8 to 42 in. heights
  • 8 in. flashing flange
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Pipe portal curbs are used to provide a weather tight seal for pipes penetrating the roof structure. They are typically used for VRF systems. Three styles of pipe portals are available: boot style, hood style, or hood/boot combo style. The boot style can seal up to 5 pipes and diameters ranging from 3/8 in. to 6 in. depending on the boot. With the hood style, the pipe holes must be field cut and sealed in the hood face providing maximum flexibility and customization.

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