Distribution centers can be challenging to heat during the winter months. Greenheck has the products to help!

The typical activity of opening and closing of many dock doors causes cold drafts and increases heating operating costs. Tall ceilings and large open areas create challenges for heat distribution. Large amounts of outside air are required to improve indoor air quality and meet building code requirements. Greenheck has a solution to meet these challenges. Our direct gas-fired space heating products utilize a 92% thermally efficient burner with 100% outside air or 80/20 recirculating configurations.

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100% Outdoor Air

100% outdoor air high-temperature heating units provide a relatively low amount of air at high temperatures for efficient heating of the distribution center. Providing outside air pressurizes the space, offsetting cold air infiltration. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • DGX: direct gas-fired space heating unit

80/20 Recirculating

80/20 recirculating units use modulating outdoor air and return air dampers to provide varying outdoor air volumes that range from 20% to 100% of total airflows. Warehouse heating applications commonly vary outdoor airflow to maintain positive building pressure to minimize cold air infiltration. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • DGX: direct gas-fired make-up air unit
  • VSU: vertically configured direct gas-fired make-up air unit

Mixed Flow Fans: Revolutionizing the Make-Up Air Market
Looking for a way to reduce operating costs? Our space heating products are available with direct drive mixed flow fans that can significantly reduce operating costs. Learn more
Greenheck offers a total ventilation solution for every warehouse and distribution center application. Contact your local Greenheck representativefor more information!