FumeJet® Exhaust Fan Package Featured in New Greenheck Video
May, 2017
A new video from Greenheck features the FumeJet® pre-engineered and installation-ready centrifugal exhaust fan package, designed to safely remove and disperse contaminated air in commercial, institutional or industrial applications. The video details the various components of the fan and stack assembly, complimentary accessories with inlet and outlet performance corrections for quick and trouble-free installation, and FumeJetFanPackageconfigurable mounting options to suit different building layouts. The FumeJet’s fan and stack assembly has been designed and factory-tested to withstand a wind speed of 22 PSF (92 miles per hour) without the need for guy wires. With a maximum exhaust volume of 15,000 cfm and up to 8 in. wg (1250 Pa) plus multiple levels of construction, the FumeJet fan package provides a quick and easy alternative to a field built-up system.
To view the video, visit  www.greenheck.com and click on the Library link found on the home page navigation bar. Then click on videos.

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