How long will it take to get my order?  

Greenheck publishes a weekly lead time schedule for most orders. The schedule is an estimation of time it takes to build products and breaks down the lead time by type and model of products. Products manufactured in multiple locations have the lead time broken down by each location.  

Never wonder about your order status. Check the schedule anytime. As always, we want to help you win your bid; so, check with the factory if lead time is critical to the sale.  

US Manufacturing Lead Times


---------Where lead times are critical to closing the order, check with the factory---------

1. Large orders, large quantities, and units requiring SDRs, special purchase motors, or international motors, may extend lead time
2. Orders will be scheduled based on longest lead time item.

Contact factory regarding capacity limits on Large Quick Build & Fast Pass orders.

Lead time Change Key: Lead Time Moved In - Lead Time Moved Out

Date Updated : June 19, 2024