Greenheck’s eCAPS® Bridge To Revit® Adds More Content And Functionality

November, 2023

Greenheck’s eCAPS® Bridge to Revit® plug-in allows users to seamlessly select and schedule Greenheck HVAC equipment without leaving the Revit®  environment. The latest eCAPS Bridge release includes access to additional Revit® content and more functionality. Dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) LOD 300 content can now be selected by performance. Greenheck’s eCAPS® Bridge To Revit® Adds More Content And FunctionalityDOAS schedule and parameter mapping capabilities have been added. Parameter mapping can now be applied to Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) and DOAS content from Greenheck’s CAPS® Computer Aided Product Selection program. Basic LOD 200 configuration options for the SQ direct drive square centrifugal inline fans, BSQ belt drive square centrifugal inline fans, and USF utility set fans including USF filtering options can now be accessed via the select by model window. A damper schedule is now available for LOD 200 Damper content. In addition, users can now rename schedule headers and save these changes to their schedule layout setting for future use. Global clearance on/off buttons allow users to easily adjust service clearances on all Greenheck content placed in the Revit® project.


The eCAPS® Bridge to Revit® plug-in saves users time by automating the schedule creation process. Product selections can be made by performance, by model, or by accessing saved eCAPS® jobs. Multiple product schedules can then be configured and created with a click of a button. Many product types including fans, louvers, dedicated outdoor air units, and preconditioners along with hundreds of Revit® families are available with more being added with each release.


This add-in is free to download and use. For more information on Greenheck’s eCAPS® online product selection program and the eCAPS® Bridge to Revit®, go to


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