Greenheck’s eCAPS® Bridge To Revit® Streamlines Product Selection

October, 2022

Software Plug-In Saves Time in Creating Schedules

Greenheck’s eCAPS® Bridge to Revit® plug-in provides access to the most complete catalog of HVAC product content in Greenheck’s eCAPS® online product selection program and makes it easy to select and schedule HVAC equipment without leaving the Revit® environment. The plug-in enables specifiers to make model or performance-based selections and seamlessly insert Level of Development (LOD) 200 and 300 content directly intoGreenheck eCAPS® Bridge To Revit Revit® projects. The eCAPS Bridge to Revit plug-in also saves users time by automating the schedule creation process. Based on eCAPS schedules and LOD 300 content that includes electrical and performance information, multiple product schedules can be created in a single click. LOD 300 content can also be easily reselected, giving users the power to modify the original inputs for easy performance updates in corresponding schedules. A new parameter management feature allows users to map user parameters to Greenheck parameters in LOD 300 content for easy data transfer and add user parameters to all Greenheck content. Many product types including fans, louvers, dedicated outdoor air units, and preconditioners along with hundreds of Revit® families are available with more being added with each release. 
This add-in is free to download and use. For more information on Greenheck’s eCAPS online product selection program and the eCAPS Bridge to Revit, go to

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