Direct Drive Option Now Available on Greenheck Vektor®-H Lab Exhaust Fan
February, 2021
Greenheck’s Vektor®-H laboratory exhaust fans are now available with a reduced maintenance direct drive fan design for high efficiency operation, lower sound levels, and reduced long-term operating costs. The Vektor-H is a self-contained, high plume laboratory exhaust system designed to remove hazardous or noxious fumes from a laboratory, dilute the fumes with bypass air and expel them from the laboratory building to ensure safety onVK-H-12_Direct-Drive_Cartridge the roof deck and to prevent re-entrained fumes from entering building make-up air systems. The unique direct drive design has an easily accessible motor compartment that is sealed from the contaminated airstream. Integral cooling vents, standard motor shaft grounding and sealed-for-life motor bearings significantly reduce overall maintenance. The direct drive Vektor-H features a high plume discharge nozzle with velocities over 3,000 fpm (per ANSI Z9.5), a minimum overall system height of 10 ft (per NFPA 45) and has a 125-mph wind load rating without guy wires. The model also includes a fully welded and sealed housing, premium chemical resistant LabCoat™ coating, and spark resistant Type B construction. Licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for FEI, Air and Sound performance, the direct drive Vektor-H is ideal for high school and college laboratories, compounding pharmacies, hospital isolation rooms, and smaller laboratory or industrial applications.  

Greenheck, the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement, conditioning and control equipment, offers the industry’s widest selection of lab exhaust systems to meet any application requirement.  

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