Greenheck Announces Model RVC Rooftop Unit with Enthalpy Core

September, 2022

New Model RVC Provides Low Maintenance Energy Recovery

Greenheck’s new model RVC (Rooftop Ventilator with Energy Recovery Core) is theGreenheck Dedicated Outdoor Air System Model RVC-35 latest addition to its dedicated outdoor air systems line for high percentage and 100% outside air applications. Model RVC incorporates a total enthalpy core that provides both sensible and latent heat transfer and meets ASHRAE 90.1 minimum efficiencies. The enthalpy core’s cross-flow design prevents supply and exhaust airstreams from intersecting resulting in an Exhaust Air Transfer Ratio (EATR) of 0 to 1% per AHRI 1060 testing.

Model RVC is available in three housing sizes with airflow up to 15,000 cfm and 5 to 70 tons of packaged DX cooling capacity. A fiber core is available in sizes up to 30 tons; a polymer core is available in sizes up to 70 tons. As the enthalpy core has no moving parts, the need for mechanical maintenance and repair is greatly reduced. The core is easily accessible to clean in place. An integral bypass damper option for economizer and frost control is also available.

Featuring two-inch double-wall construction and R13 foam insulation, the RVC includes a top-mounted condenser and an upgraded controls platform with a web user interface that comes as standard. The factory-programmed, wired, and tested controller can operate as a stand-alone unit or integrate with a Building Management System (BMS). Greenheck pre-engineered rooftop ventilator units are factory-tested and can be specified with a variety of options. Model RVC is ideal for commercial, institutional and industrial applications requiring low cross leakage and minimal maintenance.

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