Conjunto de aplicaciones de ingeniería diseñado para ingenieros de de aire acondicionado.

eCAPS® includes online fan, louver, make-up air, energy recovery, and dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) selections, as well as damper, grille, register, diffuser, and air terminal unit selection guides, and a toolbox.

eCAPS online selection guides you to choose the best value product without needing to know a lot about HVAC or our specific model names. It's quick, easy, and ensures your selection is the most appropriate for your application.

The toolbox includes application tools such as online fan fundamental courses, system effects simulator, and new technology improvements in fan and louver applications.


Key Features:

  • Browser based - no installation, no admin rights required, no updates
  • Fast – easy in, easy out – provides just enough info to populate a schedule
  • Optimizes your selection - provides the best value product (great performance at low cost)
  • Customizable schedules with notes/remarks to match your engineering firm's template
  • Revit® and CAD® drawings