Proper air circulation is critical for maintaining a safe, comfortable, and efficient warehouse.

Air circulation in distribution centers is critical to maintaining a safe, comfortable, and efficient building. Issues such as sweating slab syndrome can cause wet areas on the floor. Wet areas are a hazard to forklift traffic and can result in slips and falls. Proper air circulation helps maintain dry floors and surfaces. 

Circulators are beneficial for warehouse spaces to reduce the strain on the HVAC system year-round. 

  • For summer applications, these fans provide a gentle breeze, creating a cooling effect to make the space feel cooler.
  • When used in the winter, these fans effectively destratify thermal layers, effectively “mixing” the warm and cool air and evenly distributing the heat throughout the space.

Greenheck’s high volume low speed (HVLS) and circulator fans are engineered to maximize air circulation efficiently for warehouses and distribution centers.

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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

HVLS fans are ideal for destratification, comfort cooling and condensation prevention in large industrial spaces like warehouses and distribution centers. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • DS-3: three-blade direct drive HVLS fan
  • DS-6: six-blade direct drive HVLS fan

Greenheck’s circulator fans are a perfect solution for moving air through the occupied spaces of a building. Whether mounted on the ceiling, wall, or floor, these fans are a flexible and cost-effective way to complement any HVAC system. Learn more


Suggested models:

  • IC: direct drive spot cooling circulator
  • ICO: direct drive oscillating circulator
  • MAC: mancooler fans move high volumes of air, either belt or direct drive

Greenheck offers a total ventilation solution for every warehouse and distribution center application. Contact your local Greenheck representativefor more information!