Make-Up Air Controls

Greenheck offers a full range of control options for make-up air units.

Make-Up Air Controls


  • Remote Panels

    Remote Panels

    Optional remote panels provide contact closures for unit enable, heat enable and cooling enable. Three options are available.

    Remote Panels

    Industrial Type (TSCP)

    Features a variety of switches and indicator lights mounted on a coated steel box. If room override is specified, the override thermostat is factory mounted on the remote panel. Nema rating: 1

    Remote Panels

    Kitchen Style (KSCP)

    Features lighted toggle switches for kitchen hood lights, fans and tempering. A stainless faceplat for flush wall mounting and a juncion box is included. NEMA rating: 1

    Severe Duty

    Features switches and lights mounted externally on the ouside of the panel. If applicable, the room override will be mounted on the outside of the panel. All other controls will be mounted internally. NEMA rating: 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X and 12.

  • Network Interface

    Network Interface

    An optimum solution for connecting a make-up air unit to a Building Management System (BMS). Available on models IGX, DGX and MSX. The network interface allows the BMS to monitor (and optionally control) the status and functions of the unit through a factory-installed controller. Control commands will be provided by terminal-style signals external to the unit.

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