Industrial Space Heating

Greenheck’s space heating systems are designed to heat large spaces as comfortably and economically as possible. High-efficiency direct gas-fired burners promote excellent space comfort and low operating cost. The Greenheck space heating line includes the Greenheat® 100% outdoor air, Greenheat® 50/50 recirculation, and the 80/20 recirculation systems. These systems provide a variety of choices to meet the needs of your space heating application.

Industrial Space Heating


  • The Greenheat 100% outdoor air systems provide maximum heating with maximum airflow and are great for poorly insulated spaces with high infiltration rates such as warehouses and distribution centers. This unit cycles the blower and burner on a call for heat from a remote space thermostat, supplying air at a high velocity and high discharge temperature (120-140°F).

  • The Greenheat 50/50 recirculation systems are fixed to provide a 50/50 mixture of fresh outside air and return air. Air is supplied to the space at a high velocity and high discharge temperature (140°F). The blower and burner on a 50/50 unit cycles on a call for heat from a remote space thermostat. The 50/50 system combines the benefits of 80/20 and 100% outdoor air systems, and is great for medium-to-well insulated spaces such as warehouses, distribution centers, and large manufacturing facilities.

  • 80/20 Recirculation Systems

    80/20 Recirculation Systems

    The 80/20 recirculation system is a hybrid make-up air system. Supply air is a variable mixture of return air and fresh outdoor air. Outdoor air volumes vary from 20% to 100% of total airflow, often configured to respond to building pressure fluctuations. The 80/20 units are excellent for facilities with mechanical exhaust systems, especially when the exhaust volume is variable. The fan runs continuously to respond to varying exhaust volumes, and the heat runs continuously in winter operation to satisfy a remote space sensor. Discharge temperatures typically range from 80-110°F.

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