Reduce laboratory ventilation operating costs with Vektor energy recovery lab exhaust systems.

Laboratories use a significant amount of energy. Greenheck's VektorĀ® energy recovery systems utilize glycol filled run-around coils to safely transfer energy between the laboratory exhaust and supply airstreams to reduce the laboratory's consumption. This sensible only heat transfer system allows the supply and exhaust duct system to be separated and safely prevents the possibility of cross-contamination.


Advantages/Design Features

  • Reduced laboratory operation cost
  • Physical separation between exhaust and supply air
  • Zero cross contamination between supply and exhaust
  • Energy recovery efficiency to 50%
  • Exhaust system flow up to 66,000 cfm
  • External static pressures to 10 in. wg
  • Utilizes inline mixed flow Vektor-MD, Vektor-MH and Vektor-MS blowers
  • Insulated double wall plenum with coated steel or stainless steel interior
  • Corrosion resistant coated extended surface energy recovery coil(s)
  • Multiple blower configurations for redundancy and energy saving exhaust flow modulation
  • Constant volume or variable volume lab exhaust systems
  • Medium to high efficiency filtration options
  • Single source system responsibility


  • Model Vektor-ERS

    Model Vektor-ERS

    The Vektor-ERS is a pre-engineered laboratory exhaust energy recovery system. In combination with the Vektor-MD high plume dilution, Vektor-MH high plume and Vektor-MS blowers with Variable Geometry Nozzles, this system is designed to effectively remove contaminated laboratory exhaust and dilute and disperse the exhaust high above the roof.

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