Laboratories use a significant amount of energy. Greenheck’s Vektor Energy Recovery System (ERS) utilize glycol filled run-around coils to safely transfer energy between the laboratory exhaust and supply airstreams to reduce the laboratory’s consumption of energy. The system is designed to maintain separate supply and exhaust ducts and safely prevent the possibility of cross-contamination.



  • Model Vektor-ERS

    Model Vektor-ERS

    The Vektor-ERS is a pre-engineered laboratory exhaust energy recovery system. In combination with the Vektor-MD high plume dilution, Vektor-MH high plume and Vektor-MS fans with Variable Geometry Nozzles, this system is designed to effectively recapture lost energy and remove contaminated laboratory exhaust and dilute and disperse the exhaust high above the roof. ERS plenums and coils are sized per airflow and can include up to three fans.

    • 2,000 to 66,000 cfm
    • Up to 10 in. wg

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