Laboratory Exhaust

The main objective of a laboratory exhaust system is to remove hazardous or noxious fumes from a laboratory, dilute the fumes as much as possible, and expel them from the building so that the fumes do not contaminate the roof area nor are re-entrained into the building make-up air system. Vektor systems can be used to discharge air in life-safety applications.

Greenheck’s Vektor® Laboratory Exhaust Systems are self-contained, single-sourced systems designed and engineered to meet ANSI Z9.5 standards for laboratory exhaust. Compact Vektor rooftop units achieve significant plume rise without detracting from a buildings’ aesthetics. Efficient nozzle designs are engineered to validate specific performance. Multiple fans can be assembled on a common plenum and curb with a 125 mph windload rating for all systems. Each fan is factory vibration tested for quality assurance.

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