Laboratory Exhaust

The main objective of a laboratory exhaust system is to remove hazardous or noxious fumes from a laboratory, dilute the fumes as much as possible, and expel them from the laboratory building so that the fumes do not contaminate the roof area nor are re-entrained into the building make-up air system.

Why use the Greenheck Vektor® Laboratory Exhaust System?

The Greenheck Vektor® Laboratory Exhaust System is a self-contained laboratory exhaust system which offers the following:


  • Reliable belt or direct drive systems
  • Efficient and quiet blower technology
  • AMCA class C or B spark resistant construction
  • Premium efficient variable frequency drive (VFD rated) motors available
  • Application for constant or variable volume exhaust systems
  • Efficient discharge nozzle designs
  • LabCoat™, a two-part corrosion resistant baked polyester resin coating with zinc rich epoxy primer
  • Safe and easy maintenance
  • Flow applications from 270 - 140,000 cfm at up to 14 in. wg per fan
  • Multiple fan assemblies on a factory provided common plenum and curb
  • Meets AMCA Standards 99, 204, 210, 300, ANSI Z9.5, NFPA 45, UL 705, and ASHRAE Chapter 44 lab design guidelines.


  • Keeping a low profile - compact Vektor rooftop units achieve significant plume rise without detracting from buildings' aesthetics
  • Ensuring safety - high-velocity plume displaces the lab effluent high above the roof, reducing the possibility of contamination of the building's interior, exterior and surrounding neighborhood
  • Systems are designated to be fast and easy to install.
  • Maintenance is safe and easy because all critical access components are easily accessible without disassembling the entire system
  • Single source responsibility - Greenheck is a single source for laboratory exhaust fan systems and laboratory exhaust energy recovery systems
  • Validated performance - Vektor system designs undergo state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics and performance analysis.
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