Laboratory Exhaust

The main objective of a laboratory exhaust system is to remove hazardous or noxious fumes from a laboratory, dilute the fumes as much as possible, and expel them from the building so that the fumes do not contaminate the roof area nor are re-entrained into the building make-up air system.

Greenheck’s Vektor® Laboratory Exhaust Systems are self-contained, single-sourced systems designed and engineered to be fast and easy to install. Applicable for constant or variable volume exhaust systems with flows of 500 to 122,000 cfm per fan and up to 13.5 in. wg. Compact Vektor rooftop units achieve significant plume rise without detracting from a buildings’ aesthetics. Efficient nozzle designs are engineered to validate specific performance. Multiple fans can be assembled on a common plenum and curb.

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