FEMA 361

FEMA 361 products are used to protect air intake or exhaust openings from flying debris caused by tornadoes spawned by hurricanes or severe thunderstorms. FEMA 361 products must also withstand extremely high wind loads. FEMA 361 products must be applied over any wall penetration on a FEMA 361 storm shelter. FEMA 361 products are most frequently installed in front of louvers on the building exterior.

FEMA 361


  • Model AFL- 501

    Model AFL- 501

    Model AFL-501 is an aluminum louver designed to protect exterior wall penetrations on FEMA 361 or FEMA 320 compliant storm shelters or safe rooms. Design incorporates inverted V style blades, which lend high free area, good protection against water penetration under ambient conditions and very low resistance to airflow while providing maximum protection against extremely high wind loads and wind-borne debris. The AFL-501 is a UL Classified Wind-Storm Rated Assembly in accordance with FEMA Guidelines P-320 (2014) and P-361 (2015), and ICC 500 (2014) to static and cyclical design pressures of positive/negative 250 PSF and debris impact of a 15 lb 2x4 traveling at 100 MPH.

  • Model FSG-801

    Model FSG-801

    Model FSG-801 is a FEMA 361 compliant and UL Listed (R29119) grille fabricated of 0.25 inch thick hot rolled steel materials. Model FSG-801 withstands the ICC 500 2 x 4 impact standard adopted by FEMA 361. Model FSG-801 withstands wind-loads up to 248 PSF. Model FSG-801 may be installed in a cantilever or recessed/flush mount configuration. Mounted flanges may be located on the sides or top and bottom. Frame depth: 8 in.



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