Air Measuring Products

Airflow measuring products are used to accurately measure and control air. Applications include meeting the minimum outdoor air requirements for ASHRAE Standard 62 or California Title 24 by providing accurate monitoring and control of outside air.

Air Measuring Products


  • Model AMS

    Model AMS

    The AMS is an accurate airflow measuring station and is furnished with a properly sized pressure transducer that outputs a signal proportional to cfm. The AMS is compatible with a field supplied controller or a factory supplied LON controller that uses a signal to position a damper (sold separately) to the airflow required.

  • Model AMD - Pressure Differential

    Model AMD - Pressure Differential

    The AMD series combines the function of an accurate airflow measuring station and a low leakage control damper into one compact assembly that both measures and regulates airflow volumes to a target set-point. The AMD series is compatible with a field supplied controller or a factory supplied LON controller. The four available models are:
    • AMD-23 featuring a 3V blade control damper
    • AMD-33 featuring a fabricated airfoil blade control damper
    • AMD-42 featuring an extruded airfoil blade control damper and
    • AMD-42V featuring a vertical extruded airfoil blade control damper.

  • Model AMD-TD - Thermal Dispersion

    Model AMD-TD - Thermal Dispersion

    Vari-Green® airflow measurement probes and transmitters utilize thermal dispersion technology to accurately measure airflow down to 0 fpm. Each probe comes with one or more airflow measuring nodes that contain a pair of precision matched thermistors. In each node one thermistor measures the ambient air temperature and the other is heated to a preset temperature differential above ambient. The air velocity is measured at each node by using the known relationship between heat transfer and air velocity and by measuring the power consumption necessary to maintain the fixed temperature difference between the thermistors. The Vari-Green transmitter then averages the velocities at each node to determine the overall cfm going through the AMD. There are four models available:
    •AMD-23-TD 3V style blades
    •AMD-33-TD fabricated airfoil blades
    •AMD-42-TD extruded aluminum blades
    •AMD-42V-TD vertically oriented extruded aluminum blades


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