Centrifugal Inline Fans

The centrifugal inline fans include both direct and belt driven fans with backward-inclined or forward curved wheels. Models feature rugged constructions, high-efficiency, and low sound levels. Centrifugal inline fans are ideal for clean air applications, including intake, exhaust, return, or make-up air.

Centrifugal Inline Fans


  • Models SQ/BSQ

    Models SQ/BSQ

    The models SQ and BSQ have square housing designs for indoor applications. Easy access for inspection and service is provided by removable side panels. Capacities range from 50 to 27,000 cfm and up to 4.0 in. wg.

  • Model BDF

    Model BDF

    Model BDF belt drive duct fans are designed for low sound levels in supply, exhaust or ducted return applications. Performance capabilities range from 300 cfm to 15,000 cfm and up to 3.0 in. wg of static pressure.

  • Model BCF

    Model BCF

    Model BCF is a belt drive inline cabinet fan. It is designed for efficiency and reliability in supply, exhaust and ducted return applications. It can be mounted horizontally with either a top horizontal or upblast discharge. Capacities range from 200 to 6,000 cfm and up to 1.5 in. wg.


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