Relief Dampers

Relief dampers are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, 304 stainless steel and severe environment 316 stainless steel. Models are available with many different mounting orientations, airflow directions, operation types, and performance ratings

Relief Dampers


  • Model HPR

    Model HPR

    Pressure Relief Dampers
    A pressure relief damper is a type of backdraft having an adjustable start-open pressure, which is capable of maintaining a relatively constant pressure at various airflows and closes upon a decrease in differential pressure. Greenheck's HPR damper series can be used as a safety device or a controlling device. It is designed to provide pressure relief up to 6 in. wg and 3000 fpm, respectively

  • Model BR

    Model BR

    Barometric Relief Dampers
    Barometric Relief Dampers are an eccentrically pivoted backdraft damper for low velocity applications. Barometric Relief Dampers may be mounted vertically or horizontally.


BR Series - Barometric Relief Dampers up to 2000 fpm, 2 in. wg

Heavy Duty / Industrial Pressure Relief


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