Smoke Dampers

Smoke dampers can be closed and prevent the circulation of air and smoke through a duct or ventilation opening in a smoke barrier. The SMD series is UL 555S classified with leakage class I, II or III.

Smoke Dampers


  • Model SMD/SMDR

    Model SMD/SMDR

    The SMD/SMDR series may be applied in a "Passive Smoke Control System" or as part of an "Engineered Smoke Control System".

  • Model HSD

    Model HSD

    The HSD series is a heavy duty flanged frame style some damper, UL 555S qualified for use in engineered smoke control systems. Greenheck HSD series is a Class I leakage with pressure up to 6 in. wg (1.5 kPa) and velocities up to 3000 fpm (15.2 m/s).


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