Commercial and Industrial Make-Up Air Units

Greenheck’s line of commercial make-up air units are designed to provide supply air for general, process, and combustion exhaust. A variety of configurations, tempering options, and heating and cooling capacities assure that Greenheck will be able to provide make-up air for your applications.

Commercial and Industrial Make-Up Air Units


  • Direct Gas-Fired Heating

    Direct Gas-Fired Heating

    Greenheck's direct gas fired make-up air units feature 92% efficient burners and are offered in a wide range of air volume and heating capacities, cooling options and configurations.

  • Indirect Fired Gas-Fired Units

    Indirect Fired Gas-Fired Units

    Greenheck's indirect fired gas heating make-up air units feature 80% efficient furnaces. Single, double and triple furnaces units are available with up to 8:1 staged turndown or 4:1 modulating turndown per furnace. All Greenheck furnaces are power vented to maximize the unit's life by preventing corrosive combustion gasses from condensing within the heat exchanger.

  • Model IGX

    Model IGX

    Model IGX is ideally suited for gas-fired make-up air applications where a direct gas-fired system is not appropriate. The IGX has a modular design for broad configuration flexibility. In addition to 100% outdoor air operation, recirculation and variable volume airflow options are available. Airflow volumes range from 800 to 15,000 cfm with heating capacities up to 1,200,000 BTU/hr (input).
    Cooling options: Evaporative cooling up to 14,000 cfm
    Chilled water or DX up to 11,000 cfm

  • Model RV

    Model RV

    The Greenheck model RV is designed to condition high percentages of outdoor air in a variety of applications. Supply airflow ranges from 800 - 9500 cfm and up to 3 inches of external static pressure.

    Cooling: Packaged DX; Split DX coil; Chilled water coil

    Heating: Indirect gas furnace; Electric heater; Hot water coil

    Digital Scroll Compressors: Optional


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