Controls/Energy Management

Greenheck offers a wide range of electrical controls to power the exhaust and supply fans used for your kitchen exhaust needs including a Kitchen Fan Control Center (KFCC) and four types of variable volume systems.

Controls/Energy Management


  • Kitchen Fan Control Center (KFCC)

    Kitchen Fan Control Center (KFCC)

    Greenheck's Kitchen Fan Control Center, Model KFCC, is designed to control the exhaust fans, supply fans, and lights for the kitchen ventilation system. The KFCC is interlocked with the fire suppression system. It signals the make-up air unit to shut down upon activation of the fire suppression system. The panel will also activate the kitchen exhaust fan(s) if they are off. The panel has two sets of dry contacts that can be used to signal a shunt trip breaker (supplied by others) or an electric gas valve (supplied by others) for appliance and outlet shutdown. A spare set of contacts is provided for connection to the building fire alarm. Greenheck's KFCC is UL listed and available in single phase or three phase configurations. The enclosure is 18 gauge 304 stainless steel and available in various sizes with three mounting options.

    Kitchen Fan Control Center (KFCC) with Make-Up Air (775 k)

    For a traditional system using a KFCC to start exhaust fans, lights, and make-up air the following diagrams illustrate the necessary electrical connections from the main power breakers to all individual components.

  • Variable Volume

    Variable Volume

    Greenheck offers a variable volume ventilation system that tracks the cooking load and varies the exhaust and supply ventilation based on need. Since the cooking load varies throughout the day, your exhaust system doesn't need to run at the maximum CFM all day. Greenheck understands that by varying the speed of the fans based on the cooking load, you will save money from reduced power and tempering costs.

      Standard Construction Features:
    • The variable volume kitchen ventilation system utilizes microprocessor controls and operates solely on demand
    • The system monitors the cooking operation and adjusts the exhaust, supply and rooftop unit fans so when the cooking load is reduced, the fans operate at a reduced level and save energy, especially heating and cooling
    • Meets IMC code 507.2.1.1 requirement to start fans when cooking operations occur

    • Typical payback of 1 to 3 years
    • Save an estimated $2 or more per cfm/year from the reduction of design CFM
    • Improved efficiency by reducing fan speed

      Additional Benefits:
    • Ventilation equipment life is extended by soft-starting, therefore reducing stress on belts and bearings
    • Reduced sound levels to improve employee comfort
    • Remote Control System for 3-phase, control sensor temperature and optics, advanced variable volume, and variable volume payback analysis.

  • Temperature Interlock

    Temperature Interlock

    Greenheck's temperature interlock is designed and installed to automatically activate the exhaust fan, if not manually started, whenever cooking operations occur. The activation of the exhaust fan shall occur through a temperature probe that detects an increased temperature and activates the fans. Greenheck offers a stand-alone package as well as an option in our fan control center (KFCC).

      Package Features (independent unit)
    • Thermostat with adjustable temperature setting
    • Factory mounted in exhaust collar
    • Shipped loose for field installations for ship loose collars
    • J-box with open back and cover
    • 8 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch relay box
    • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relay 1-100 minute time delay
    • Terminal strip
    • Optional Switches
    • Meets IMC code 507.2.1.1
    • UL Listed to 891

  • Relay Box

    Relay Box

    Greenheck's relay box is compact, prewired and offers a low cost method of starting one or two fan motors. The relay box can be used in place of larger, more expensive starters when supply and exhaust must operate from one switch.

      Standard construction features
    • Prewired from factory
    • Wiring diagram included in control box
    • Interface to shut off supply fan in fire mode is included
    • Painted 8 X 8 X 4 UL box - NEMA-3R

    • All motors must have thermal overloads
    • 2 fans maximum, both operating from one switch (More than 2 fans use KFCC without thermal overloads)
    • Each fan must have it’s own power source

  • Digital Temperature Interlock

    Digital Temperature Interlock

    Greenheck’s Digital Temperature Interlock is designed to automatically start the kitchen hood exhaust fans and keep them running while heat is being generated from the cooking appliances. The interlock will override the switch and start the fans once heat is detected in the event an operator fails to turn on the fans manually – ensuring safety. It has a digital display that allows for easily adjustable setpoint.

    Stand alone package features:
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Factory Mounted in Capture Tank
    • Shipped loose for field installation
    • J-box with open back and cover
    • 8 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch Stainless Steel box
    • Temperature Controller
    • Terminal Strip
    • Typical mounting locations
    • Utility Cabinet (Hood or Remote)
    • Utility Distribution System
    • Remote Mounted
    • Optional Switches (Light, Fan, Thermal)
    • Meets IMC code 507.2.1.1
    • UL Listed to 891


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