Utility Distribution Systems

A Utility Distribution System (UDS) is a pre-engineered delivery system for the cooking equipment's utilities. It eliminates custom designed contractor built walls to bring the utilities to the cooking appliances. To build a contractor wall, engineers and consultants have to work together to design the utilities into the wall dependent on the cooking line-up. Plumbing, electrical and general contractors all have to work together to install the utility wall. Custom built utility walls are built for a specific cooking line-up and require hours of coordination to be built in the field. If that line-up changes, the electrical and plumbing have to be changed to accommodate the new line-up.

Utility Distribution Systems


  • FlexConnect(TM) Utility Distribution System

    FlexConnect(TM) Utility Distribution System

    Greenheck's Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) provide flexible, convenient and safe utility connections for commercial cooking operations while saving installation time in the field. Factory-built systems offer a cost-effective way to replace contractor built utilities in walls which require a lot of time and energy to be spent coordinating with various trades and allow for future expansion or relocation of appliances without expensive modifications.

    The Greenheck UDS provides a single point of connection for gas, electricity, water and optional utilities. The stainless steel exterior is easy to clean and safely conceals all wiring. Utility distribution systems are available in wall and island styles and can be manufactured in incremental lengths, expandable to accommodate virtually any cooking line-up.

    Standard FlexConnect(TM) Features:

    • 16 gauge 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish
    • Wall or island style units are available for positioning against a wall or between hoods
    • Flexible length units are manufactured in 1-inch increments starting at 8 feet to unlimited
    • Unit width standard 12 inches or an optional slim line unit of 6 inches
    • Riser length standard 24 inches with 18-or 30-inch options available depending on utilities selected
    • Field joints bolt together with stainless steel pedestal on the chase for long units or if specified
    • Filler panels provided to finish area between hoods and utility distribution system yielding a professional and finished appearance
    • Chase Style - Standard flat top. Peaked optional
    • Riser Termination - An adjustable height collar (78- to 84-inch) is provided. If required, an optional riser extension is available at specified heights.
    • Special Configurations - Are available, please contact your Greenheck representative for details

    Several configuration, plumbing and electrical options and accessories available. See catalog for details.

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