Vektor®-CD uses an efficient scroll style fan to deliver the dual benefits of high plume discharge and increased exhaust dilution to exhaust contaminant concentration levels. The high plume nozzle and dilution windband combination entrain ambient air to assist in the dilution of laboratory exhaust and maximize plume rise. System heights are lower with the fans located next to the plenum which also distributes the weight load over a larger area.



  • Model Vektor-CD

    Model Vektor-CD

    Utilizing a centrifugal blower with backward inclined flat or airfoil bladed wheel, the Vektor®-CD is ideal for systems requiring horizontal exhausts or for systems with higher pressures. The nozzle is designed to entrain additional ambient air, diluting the exhaust effluent from the laboratory. Vektor-CD models can be configured as single fan systems, multiple parallel or opposed fan systems using up to four fans with a common plenum. Applications could include laboratories, pharmacies, research facilities and industrial processes.

    • 1,500 to 122,000 cfm per fan
    • Up to 13.5 in. wg
    • AMCA Spark C resistant construction standard (Spark B optional)
    • Certifications:
      • AMCA licensed for Air, Sound and Induced Flow performance (AMCA 210, 300 and 260)
      • UL/cUL listed for Electrical (UL/cUL 705)

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