Greenheck's Vektor®-H is a self-contained and cost-effective solution that is superior to field built-up fan and stack assemblies. The high plume laboratory exhaust system is designed to remove hazardous or noxious fumes from a laboratory, dilute the fumes with bypass air and expel them from the building. The Vektor-H requires less roof space with a smaller footprint and is a cleaner installation with fewer roof penetrations.

Appropriate applications would be for lower performance requirements or single hoods. The Vektor-H is suitable for waste water treatment plants, high school or college science labs, forensic labs, hospital isolation rooms or facilities with limited odor generation.



  • Model Vektor-H

    Model Vektor-H

    The Vektor-H uses a belt-driven, tubular centrifugal fan with an efficient conical nozzle designed to safely propel fumes away from the building. These fans can be configured in single, double or triple fan systems.

    • 500 to 26,000 cfm per fan
    • Up to 4 in. wg
    • Spark B resistant construction
    • Certifications:
      • AMCA licensed for Air and Sound performance (AMCA 210 and 300)
      • UL/cUL listed for Electrical (UL/cUL 705) and Grease Exhaust (UL/cUL 762)
      • Florida Building Code
      • Florida Product Approval
      • Texas Department of Insurance
      • Notice Of Acceptance (NOA High Wind)

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