Greenheck's Vektor®-H is a high plume laboratory exhaust system designed to remove hazardous or noxious fumes from a laboratory, dilute the fumes with bypass air and expel them from the lab building so the fumes do not contaminate the roof area or re-entrain into the building make-up air systems. Applicable for constant or variable volume systems, the Vektor-H requires less roof space with a smaller footprint and is a cleaner installation with fewer roof penetrations.



  • Model Vektor-H

    Model Vektor-H

    Self-contained and cost-effective solution that is superior to field built-up fan and stack assemblies. The Vektor-H uses a belt-driven, tubular centrifugal fan with an efficient nozzle designed to safely propel fumes away from the building. These fans can be configured in single, double or triple fan systems and are suitable for high school or college science labs, forensic labs or hospital isolation rooms.

    • 500 to 26,000 cfm per fan
    • Up to 4 in. wg
    • AMCA Spark B resistant construction
    • Certifications:
      • AMCA licensed for Air and Sound performance (AMCA 210 and 300)
      • UL/cUL listed for Electrical (UL/cUL 705) and Grease Exhaust (UL/cUL 762)
      • OSHPD
      • Florida Building Code
      • Florida Product Approval
      • Texas Department of Insurance
      • Notice Of Acceptance

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