Plenum Fans

Greenheck Introduces Housed Plenum Array Fan, Model HPA - Podcast

Greenheck Plenum Fans are designed for air handling and pressurized plenum applications. The primary benefits of plenum fans are compact sizes, flexibility to supply multiple air take-offs, and economical price.

Plenum Fans


  • Model HPA (Housed Plenum Array)

    Model HPA (Housed Plenum Array)

    Model HPA is a direct drive plenum fan mounted inside a sound attenuating housing designed and engineered to provide superior performance and reliability in commercial and industrial applications. Model HPA can be used as a single fan in a sound critical application or in parallel to construct a fan array system. The HPA features a modular design with a structural housing that allows multiple modules to stack side-by-side and on top of one another to form an array or fan wall. Typical applications include packaged, built-up and custom air handlers, general supply and return systems and retrofit projects.

  • Model QEM

    Model QEM

    QEM plenum fans provide high efficiency while maintaining a compact size. This is an excellent selection for retrofit and replacement applications and in variable air volume systems. Utilizing a galvanized framework, the QEM features the exact same high efficiency / low sound 12-blade wheel as the QEP plenum, but at a more cost effective price point for light and medium duty applications. QEM units are available in belt and direct drive with a simplified selection of accessories.

  • Model QEP

    Model QEP

    QEP plenum fans are designed and engineered for superior performance and reliability. Quiet and efficient operation is achieved through a 12-bladed, airfoil wheel. This design saves energy and improves the overall sound quality by reducing low frequency tones that are difficult to attenuate. The QEP is available in both belt and direct drive and offers numerous accessories to complement your project.

    Greenheck's 12-bladed Quiet, Efficient Plenum model QEP will benefit your project by reducing electrical requirements and reducing the sound levels.


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