Fabricated Pressure Blower

Fabricated pressure blowers are suitable for air exhaust or supply applications. Typical applications include cabinet or room pressurization, blow-off systems for moisture removal, combustion air for burners, parts cooling, and fume exhaust.

Fabricated Pressure Blower


  • Model FPB

    Model FPB

    Model FPB radial pressure blower utilize radial aluminum blade wheels to provide peak performance for systems that require low flow and high pressures. FPB pressure blowers are designed with totally rotatable steel housing with a baked polyester coating. FPB pressure blowers come in five sizes including 70, 90 100, 120, 150 with sizes 90 - 150 available in full width (F) and partial width (H) models for modified performance. All models are available in direct drive arrangement 4 only.Capacities range from 200 to 2,500 cfm and up to 10 in. wg.


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