Industrial Centrifugal Fans

The Industrial Duty Centrifugal Fans, series 41, are designed for heavy duty air movement applications. Series 41 construction includes both backward inclined and airfoil centrifugal wheels fans and features heavy gauge, fully welded steel housings on all sizes. Stainless steel and aluminum construction materials are available for either the entire unit or air stream parts.

Industrial Centrifugal Fans


  • Model CSW: Single Wide Blower

    Model CSW: Single Wide Blower

    Operated in broad range of fan applications, typically in ducted systems. Versatile construction options allow use in environments which require spark resistance, high temperature tolerance, or resistance to corrosive elements. These fans are available as belt or direct drive units.

  • Models BIDW/AFDW: Double Wide Blower

    Models BIDW/AFDW: Double Wide Blower

    Operated in non-ducted inlet applications, primarily handling clean air at ambient temperatures. Higher volume capacities allow for a more compact system design than with single width fans. These models are available as belt driven units.


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AFDW In CAPS Transmit         AFDW-21
AFSW In CAPS Transmit In CAPS       AFSW-21
BIDW In CAPS Transmit         BIDW-21
BISW In CAPS Transmit In CAPS       BISW-21
CSW In CAPS Transmit In CAPS        

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