Tube Axial Fans

Greenheck's axial inline fans are designed for ducted indoor or outdoor applications. They are available in both direct drive and belt drive and with cast aluminum or fabricated steel propellers. All models include integral flanges for airtight duct connections and universal mounting brackets for installation in any configuration - horizontal, vertical, or at an angle. Axial inline models have different levels of construction to match each product's strengths to the specific requirements of any commercial or industrial application.

Tube Axial Fans


  • Model TBI-FS

    Model TBI-FS

    Model TBI-FS has a fabricated steel hub and airfoil blades. It is suitable for continuous high temperature (400ºF/204ºC max.) for inline configurations and is available with UL Power Ventilators for Smoke Control Systems. The universal mounting system accommodates any vertical or horizontal installation configuration. Bolt-on straightening vanes are available for increased efficiency. Typical applications involve clean air, industrial processes, and high temperature exhaust. Performance capacities range from 6,000 to 77,000 cfm and up to 4.5 in. wg.

  • Model TBI-CA (Belt Drive)

    Model TBI-CA (Belt Drive)

    The TBI-CA axial series are belt driven and use cast aluminum propeller, airfoil propellers. The key features of the TBI-CA axials are compact size, mounting flexibility, and ease of performance adjustments. Additionally, the combination of the cast aluminum impeller and sealed internal belt and bearing enclosure allows this product to meet spark resistant specifications. Typical applications include warehouse or industrial ventilation and paint booth fume exhaust. Performance capacities range from 1,300 to 95,000 CFM and static pressures up to 4 in. wg.

  • Model TDI (Direct Drive)

    Model TDI (Direct Drive)

    Direct drive series of axials maximize efficiencies with cast aluminum, airfoil propellers. Their primary attributes include compact size and minimal maintenance. Additionally, TDI fans can be used with variable frequency drives to accommodate modulating performance requirements. Typical applications range from clean air exhaust to emergency smoke control where the TDI has been tested to exhaust airstream temperatures up to 300º F (149º C) for a minimum of 5 hours. Performance capacities range from 3,300 to 49,000 CFM and static pressures up to 1.1 in. wg.

  • Model AX

    Model AX

    The AX model is direct drive with increase performance capabilities and installation options permitting configuration to suit project needs. Three casing options include short casing for minimum installation space, long casing that completely covers the propeller and motor, and bolt-on vane section with 15% performance improvement by straightening out airflow at the discharge.

    Cast aluminum airfoil blade that provides total efficiencies in excess of 70% to help reduce upfront electrical expenses for new projects and will save building owners money on long-term energy bills. In addition, all blades are manually adjustable to allow for field air balancing. Performance capacities range from 500 to 125,000 CFM and up to 5 in. w.g.


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Other Info

  • Model AX - Product Overview
  • Other available configuration options

    AV VaneAX with Vane Section

    The bolt on vane section provides an added boost to fan performance by straightening the air coming off of the fan discharge. Vane sections are an excellent option for higher pressure, ducted applications.

    AX ShortAX with Short Casing

    The short casing design is unique because the motor sticks outside of the fan casing. This design is excellent for horizontal or vertical plate mounting applications where space is limited.

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