Mixed Flow Fans

Model EQB combines the best of the axial and centrifugal properties into one product. - Podcast

Greenheck's mixed flow fans are the quietest tubular inline fans in the industry! Mixed flow inline fans can be used for supply, exhaust, or return air installations. Our patented design excels in commercial applications where low sound is critical. In addition, Greenheck's mixed flow fans are more efficient than comparably sized tubular centrifugal and vane axial fans, thus reducing the required motor horsepower and lowering operating costs.

Mixed flow fans are recommended for any ventilation application that requires low sound and high efficiency, such as office buildings, parking garages, concert halls, libraries, and educational facilities.

Mixed Flow Fans


  • Model EQB

    Model EQB

    EQB is ideal when clean air, quiet and economical operation is required. The unique octagonal housing of formed galvanized steel panels provides for exceptional strength at significantly lower cost. Performance capacities range from 550 to 23,000 cfm (934 – 39077 m3/hr) and pressures up to 3 in. wg. (744 Pa).

  • Model QEI

    Model QEI

    A belt drive model with premium levels of construction and performance. QEI utilizes a mixed flow wheel and air straightening vanes for higher efficiencies, lower horsepower and lower sound levels. Often used in commercial and industrial applications such as libraries, theaters, garages and involving everything from clean air to grease exhaust to high temperatures.

    • 500 to 116,000 cfm
    • Up to 8 in. wg.
    • Certifications:
      • AMCA licensed for air and sound performance
      • UL/cUL listed for Electrical (UL/cUL-705), Restaurant Grease Exhaust (UL/cUL-762), Power Ventilators for Smoke Control
      • OSHPD

    • Model QEID

      Model QEID

      Direct drive version of the QEI with the mixed flow wheel connected to the motor. Same great construction, performance and efficiency from the mixed flow wheel with reduced maintenance through elimination of belts, pulleys, and shaft bearing lubrication. It’s design is more compact for space critical application.

      • 700 to 88,000 cfm
      • Up to 10 in. wg.
      • AMCA Spark B and C resistant construction available
      • Certifications:
        • AMCA licensed for air and sound performance
        • UL/cUL listed for Electrical (UL/cUL-705), Restaurant Grease Exhaust (UL/cUL-762), Power Ventilators for Smoke Control
        • OSHPD

Other Info

  • Sound Vault Specification

    Panels of the outer housing shall be constructed out of galvanized steel. Minimum galvanized material gage thickness to be 16 gauge. Enclosure walls shall be lined with sound dampening fiberglass insulation having a thickness of two inches (51 mm) and density of 3 lbs. / ft2. Exterior collars shall provide a connection point for system ductwork. Enclosure shall have quick opening and fully removable gasketed access panel(s) to provide access to all internal components.

    To limit breakout noise, inlet and outlet of fan shall be connected to the inside of the enclosure using a slip-fit flexible duct connection. In addition, Sound Vault shall be supplied from factory with internally mounted, one-inch (25 mm) deflection free standing spring isolators.

    Grease filled lubrication lines shall be extended to the exterior of the Sound Vault enclosure. Nylon lines will provide lubrication to fan bearings without removing fan from enclosure. Wiring for fan power supply shall be extended to the exterior of the Sound Vault enclosure and electrical connections shall be terminated at an electrical box.

    Sound Vault enclosure shall be supplied with two formed steel mounting rails. Rails shall be securely fastened to enclosure and have pre-punched holes in both ends to provide for either ceiling hung or floor mounting configurations.

    Radiated sound power attenuation ratings shall be based on factory tests using sound intensity measurement techniques on of both the fan and sound enclosure in combination. Radiated sound power reductions from total sound power shall be available for each of eight octave bands with center frequencies (hz) of 63, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000.

    Sound Vault enclosure shall be fully assembled with fan at the factory and shipped as a complete assembly up through QEI fan size 27. Temporary restraining brackets are mounted internal to the Sound Vault enclosure to limit movement of fan during transit.

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